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3rd - 8th Grade Boys Lacrosse
· Season begins in early March and ends in 1st week of June
· Competitive travel format playing games against Essex/Morris County teams and neighboring towns. Weekly travel will be involved.
· Games are scheduled on weeknights and weekends. There are generally 2 games per week
· Practice commitment may be 2-3 times per week.
· All players will supply all of their own equipment, including helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment is required?

A: Lacrosse is a physical sport. A certified lax helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads & gloves are required for all practices and games. A mouthpiece and protective cup are also required for all lax events. Cleats may be football or soccer style, but no baseball cleats are allowed. A boy's lacrosse stick is also needed.

Q: Is this a "rec" league or a "travel" league?

A: West Essex Lax Club does not have tryouts so any interested resident in the right age group can join. We do, however, travel to other towns to play our games and we attempt to compete successfully in all game situations. This means our players are expected to regularly attend team practices and games and commit to developing their individual skills throughout the season.

Q: Will my son be given equal opportunity to play in games?

A: For Grades 4-6, definitely, although consistent attendance at practices may be taken into consideration. For Grades 7 & 8 playing time is increasingly dependant on player ability and their attendance at practice.

Q: When does the season begin and end?

A: Coaches will begin practices in March. Most teams will practice 2 times per week in March. Games begin in April. Once the games begin, the kids will probably have 1-3 games per week. The season ends the 1st week of June.

Q: Can my son "juggle" this program with hockey, soccer, baseball and/or scouts, etc.?

A: Only you can decide. You are committing your son to an activity that involves a team concept. We will focus on building team unity and that may be difficult without consistent attendance to practice and games. In addition, to participate in the spring program we require the boys to prioritize lacrosse as the primary activity in the spring. We certainly work with baseball, soccer, hockey or other sports to minimize the conflicts as best as we can, but we ask that the boys make lacrosse the priority with conflicts. We understand sometimes it is unavoidable and practices or games will be missed. Family, religious, health, or academic reasons for absence are obviously never a problem, however, the boys playing time will be negatively impacted by missing practices / games for other sports, birthday parties, and other similar activities.

Q: When would we get our schedule to see if this does conflict with my son's other interests?

A: Coaches normally provide a March practice schedule to their players by the end of February. We are not able to provide a game schedule until mid-March, as the league info is not finalized prior to that date.

Q: What towns do we travel to? How far away are some of these games?

A: Extensive travel will not be required. We will generally play other towns within 15-30 minutes of West Essex Area.